Top Load NES Mod – Pro Install


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Don’t have the time, tools, or patience to perform this NES mod yourself? That’s okay, I have you covered. You can send me your working NES to save some cash or I can source one for you.

Introducing the top load mod for the Nintendo NES

  • Two part design for easy installation
  • Overlapping edges to provide structural integrity at the joint
  • Attractive but subtle twist on the old design
  • Save cash and gain all the reliability a top load NES has to offer
  • Revitalize your old front load to make it enjoyable to play again without having to fight the blinking light

This is a modding service. Please allow 1 week lead time for all services performed after the date your system arrives to me (or after purchase if I am sourcing a system for you). Items are printed using hobbyist grade printers, please allow for some degree of imperfection. Guaranteed to be of good structural integrity, within reason. Please specify first, second, and third color choice when ordering otherwise I will use my discretion.

If you’re looking for the STL files or 3D printed case for some DIY you can find them here:

Top Load NES Mod – STL Files

Top Load NES Mod – 3D Printed

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