Top Load NES Mod – STL Files


3D printed top load mod for the Nintendo NES


Many of us grew up attached to our NES. I still have memories of running to the bathroom to get the q-tips and alcohol and blowing so hard I almost blacked out. With the resources available to me as an adult I felt something had to be done about it. No more of that mess.

Introducing the top load mod for the Nintendo NES

  • Two part design for easy installation
  • Overlapping edges to provide structural integrity at the joint
  • Attractive but subtle twist on the old design
  • Save cash and gain all the reliability a top load NES has to offer
  • Revitalize your old front load to make it enjoyable to play again without having to fight the blinking light
  • Easy to follow instructions will be included

Please be advised! To complete this mod you will need the following tools and materials:

  • Philips head screw driver
  • Soldering iron and solder
  • 24 AWG wire or thinner
  • Super glue

These are STL files used for 3D printing, not a physical product. Check here for the actual product.

NES Top Load Mod 
Nozzle Diam..40 mm
Nozzle Temp.210° c
Bed Temp.65° c
Layer Height.2
Print Speed55 mm/s
Wall Thickness1.2
Top / Bottom Thickness.8
Infill25 %
SupportsYes, set "Everywhere" with angle set to 85°
Support Density15 %
Using my Tevo Tarantula type 3D printer with a glass pane attached to the bed. Sugar water is used for adhesion. As with any 3D printed parts, your mileage may vary using my settings. You know your machine best, adjust accordingly.

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