Top Load NES Mod – 3D Printed


3D printed top load mod for the Nintendo NES


Many of us grew up attached to our NES. I still have memories of running to the bathroom to get the q-tips and alcohol and blowing so hard I almost blacked out. With the resources available to me as an adult I felt something had to be done about it. No more of that mess.

Introducing the top load mod for the Nintendo NES

  • Two part design for easy installation
  • Overlapping edges to provide structural integrity at the joint
  • Attractive but subtle twist on the old design
  • Save cash and gain all the reliability a top load NES has to offer
  • Revitalize your old front load to make it enjoyable to play again without having to fight the blinking light
  • Easy to follow instructions will be included

Please be advised! To complete this mod you will need the following tools and materials:

  • Philips head screw driver
  • Soldering iron and solder
  • 24 AWG wire or thinner
  • Super glue

This is an actual product, not STL file. Check here for the STL files. Please allow a 1 – 3 day lead time for all 3D printed products. Items are printed using hobbyist grade printers: please allow for some degree of imperfection. Guaranteed to be of good structural integrity, within reason. Please specify first, second, and third color choice when ordering otherwise I will use my discretion.


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