Screw Clamp – SNES Controller – STL Files


3D printed controller clamp STL files for the Nintendo SNES


I spent a lot of time with this controller in my youth. A major improvement on their previous attempt, Nintendo really nailed it with this one. The D-pad set the standard and is still yearned for today when modern controllers drop into the hands gamers. Many people still play their Super Nintendo regularly or semi-regularly, I do myself. Controller wires are always a pain to manage if you’re not using your system on the daily, though.

Introducing the Controller Clamp for the Nintendo sNES controller

  • Fits surfaces 1/8″ (inch) to 1 1/2″ (inch) thick (1/2″ minimum with included shorter screw)
  • Cable and plug cut-outs for longer term storage
  • Holds controller in place securely
  • Sturdy design built to last
  • Screw clamp allows attachment to a variety of tables, shelves, entertainment units and more

These are STL files used for 3D printing, not a physical product. Check here for the actual product.

Controller Clamp 
Nozzle Diam..40 mm
Nozzle Temp.210° c
Bed Temp.65° c
Layer Height.2
Print Speed55 mm/s
Wall Thickness.8
Top / Bottom Thickness.6
Infill18 %
SupportsYes, set "Everywhere" with angle set to 85°
Support Density15 %
Using my Tevo Tarantula type 3D printer with a glass pane attached to the bed. Sugar water is used for adhesion. As with any 3D printed parts, your mileage may vary using my settings. More walls will make a much stronger end product. You know your machine best, adjust accordingly.

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