Screw Clamp – Dreamcast Controller – 3D Printed


3D printed controller clamp for the Sega Dreamcast Controller


Ever wonder what the guys in the design department were on when they came up with the Dreamcast controller? Yeah, I have too. Despite the gigantic size, bizarro cord placement, and integrated memory ports, it’s remained one of my favorites. Finding a spot to store these behemoths can be a chore and I’m hoping to make it a little easier.

Introducing the Controller Clamp for the Sega Dreamcast controller

  • Fits surfaces 1/8″ (inch) to 1 1/2″ (inch) thick (1/2″ minimum with included shorter screw)
  • Cable and plug cut-outs for longer term storage
  • Holds controller in place securely
  • Sturdy design built to last
  • Screw clamp allows attachment to a variety of tables, shelves, entertainment units and more

This is an actual product, not STL file. Check here for the STL files. Please allow a 1 – 3 day lead time for all 3D printed products. Items are printed using hobbyist grade printers, please allow for some degree of imperfection. Guaranteed to be of good structural integrity, within reason. Please specify first, second, and third color choice when ordering otherwise I will use my discretion.

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